Wall saw

Precise Wall Sawing Services from Target Drilling & Sawing Ltd.

Need a New Doorway, Window or Vent Opening?

Whether you need to cut a hole for a new doorway, window or ventilation opening in your structure, wall sawing allows you to get it as precise as possible. You can rely upon the experienced team at Target Drilling & Sawing Ltd. for all your wall sawing needs in Nova Scotia and the Maritime Provinces. For over 40 years, we’ve made precise cuts in concrete and masonry structures for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Straight, Smooth Concrete Openings

Wall sawing is a versatile approach for a variety of tasks, including cutting basement windows, man and overhead doors and any other application in which using a larger saw would be nearly impossible. We’re capable of cutting straight, smooth, precise openings in concrete walls, ceilings and floors with our specialized equipment. Contact Target Drilling & Sawing Ltd. today to consult with a member of our staff to learn more about the advantages and estimated costs of using a wall saw for your specific project.

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